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Englisch B1+ Where the Blackbirds fly

Bird-watching in English




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Tel.: 902773000, Fax.: 902778944, E-Mail: vhs@ba-ts.berlin.de, http://www.vhs-tempelhof-schoeneberg.de

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Frau Dr. Margret Tietje, Tel.: 902773519, E-Mail: Tietje@ba-ts.berlin.de


The Natur-Park Schöneberger Südgelände is an oasis of calm in the heart of the city. More than 40 bird species have been recorded in the park! Some species, blackbirds and kestrels, for example, are resident, they breed two or even three times a year. In the autumn it is common to see family groups.
Other species, like nightingales and warblers are summer guests, they arrive in the spring and nest in the park. The male birds arrive earlier and compete, very loudly, for territory. They are easy to observe before the leaves start growing. Birds are, of course, interesting acoustically, too. Hear one long-tailed tit and expect to see seven or eight.
On this gentle guided walk enjoy stimulating conversation and learn more about the fascinating world of birds.


Treffpunkt: S-Bahnhof Priesterweg, Ausgang unten, 11.00 Uhr. Auch bei Regen! Fernglas mitbringen, falls vorhanden. Eintritt fürs Südgelände: 1 Euro.

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