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A training in mindfulness meditation

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Tel.: 9018 37474     Fax.: 9018 37488     E-Mail: Infoservice.VHS@ba-mitte.berlin.de, http://www.berlin.de/vhsmitte

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Frau Tanja Waldeck, Tel.: (030) 9018-37424, E-Mail: tanja.waldeck@ba-mitte.berlin.de


MBSR is a training in mindfulness, clarity and relaxation.
About thirty years ago Jon Kabat-Zinn developed a course structure that enables people to improve their lives, to handle stressful situations more successfully, to manage ruminating thinking processes and negative emotions.
Mindfulness is a way to appreciate the moment in life as it is rather than we want it to be. Our responses often happen on auto-pilot without much thinking about it.
In the course of the training you will get to know various practices that support the process of becoming mindful in everyday life like the Bodyscan, sitting meditation practices and simple stretches taken from Hatha-Yoga.
In order to gain maximum from a training like this you need to be prepared to practice about 45 minutes a day with the support of guiding audio recordings.

An eight week training course with a preliminary introductory meeting

Dr. Ayse Dayi is a psychologist (recognized in Germany), medical sociologist and healer. She received her B.A. degrees in Psychology and in Political Science & International Relations from Bogaziçi University in Turkey and PhD in Human Development & Family Studies from Penn State University in the U.S. After 15 years of teaching and researching in the U.S., Turkey, Switzerland and Germany


You can purchase the training material (15¤) directly from the trainer. Please, bring along: a blanket, a small cushion, a supporting mat and loose warm clothing.

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