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Yoga against stress in English




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Tel.: 90298-4600     Fax.: 90298-4176     E-Mail: vhs@ba-fk.berlin.de, http://www.vhs-fk.de

Fachliche Beratung:

Frau Claudia Hiesemann, E-Mail: info@vhs-fk.de


Relaxation is the precondition for flow. Join us for soft yet powerful class that will move your body, mind and emotions. With the tools of hatha yoga and pranayama, we will move our attention to sensations and learn mechanisms to cope with (bad) stress. The breath will be our bridge to access the parasympathetic state of rest and processing. The class is open to all levels, including beginners, and is also indicated for those who wish to refine their practice at a slower pace. We will practice with the Pranayoga Method®, “Yoga of the Vital Energy", paying attention to the individuality of each practitioner and to awareness and presence, without any dogmas.


A digital classroom is run alongside the face-to-face course. This means that course dates can also be held online if necessary. The conversion of face-to-face appointments into online appointments does not entitle the holder to a refund of the course fee.

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Palombo, Marta

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24 UE


70.20 EUR


36.60 EUR

VHS, 10961 Berlin, Bergmannstraße 28/29, R.08
Di, 13.09.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 20.09.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 27.09.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 04.10.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 11.10.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 18.10.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 25.10.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 15.11.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
Di, 22.11.2022, 18:15 - 19:45
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