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Thai Tofu Cakes with chilli dip




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Frau Tanja Waldeck, Tel.: (030) 9018-37424, E-Mail: tanja.waldeck@ba-mitte.berlin.de


These tofu cakes are a must-have for any occasion and make great appetisers too. They burst in flavour and a crispy texture and are served with a chilli dip, again, full of aromatic high notes as well as sweet and sour flavour profile - a match made in heaven!

Rani Bayat was born and raised in Britain to Indian parents, who grew up with dual heritage as well as having lived in a very diverse cultural environment. This exposure led her to be able to cook a variety of vegan and vegetarian cuisines and most importantly, “healthy and tasty?! Over the years, and throughout travel, Rani naturally progressed, creating fusion foods, cooking techniques, and developing layers of flavour. Rani is looking forward to sharing this very experience through creating these delicious cuisines especially in Thai and other Pan Asian cuisines.


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Bayat, Rani

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VHS Berlin Mitte, 10115 Berlin, Linienstr. 162, Raum 1.12 (Multifunktionsraum)
Mo, 26.09.2022, 19:00 - 19:00
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