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Deep Relaxation & Rejuvenation: One day mindfulness retreat

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Tel.: 90298-4600         E-Mail: vhs@ba-fk.berlin.de, www.vhs-fk.de

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Frau Claudia Hiesemann, E-Mail: Claudia.Hiesemann@ba-fk.berlin.de


Globally and individually we are in a period of great transformation, which might cause stress, anxiety, exhaustion, burnout, physical ailments and depression. Offered by Dr. Ayse Dayi as a psychologist, certified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program) Teacher, and mindfulness trainer, this one-day retreat is an invitation to be introduced to mindfulness practices and to relax and rejuvenate together. We will do deep relaxation, awareness of breath meditation, mindful movement and other practices in joy and share our experiences. When we do these practices regularly, we could meet life?s challenges and stress in a calmer way and renew ourselves whenever we feel the need to do so. No previous experience is needed. Wear comfortable clothes and come with your curiosity and your smile. You could complete this retreat as Fortbildung and receive a Certificate of Attendance from VHS as well.


Born in Istanbul and living in Berlin, Dr. Ayse Dayi is a psychologist, sociologist and a mindfulness trainer/consultant. She has a PhD from Penn State University in the field of Human Development and Family Studies (and Women?s Studies). She received her MBSR teacher certificate from IMA: Institut für Achtsamkeit, the oldest institution in Europe to offer mindfulness based trainings. She is a member of Verband der Achtsamkeitslehrenden MBSR-MBCT and of the Wake Up Schools Project that aims to bring mindfulness to education.

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Dayi, Ayse

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VHS, 10969 Berlin, Wassertorstraße 4, Aula
So, 11.12.2022, 10:00 - 16:00
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